Holiday Checklist

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Modern cars are so reliable that we often take them for granted. We jump in each morning and drive to work without a thought to all the complex moving parts under the hood.

However, it's important you take a moment to check some essential things before going on long-distance journeys - you life may depend on it!

  1. Tyre Pressure: make sure your tyres are inflated to the correct pressure. Click here for more info on tyre care.
  2. Tyre Tread: make sure you have at least 1.5mm of tread depth. Click here for more info on tyre care.
  3. Spare Wheel: make sure it's inflated properly, you never know if you might need it and the middle of the desert road is not the best place to discover it's flat! Click here for more info on tyre care.
  4. Coolant Level: make sure your coolant level is sufficient inside the overflow container. While the engine is cool, also check the level in the radiator itself and top up if need be. Click here for more info on the importance of Antifreeze.
  5. Oil Level: Check the dip-stick to make sure you have enough engine oil. Click here for more info on how to check and top up your oil.
  6. Washer Fluid: Make sure you have enough washer fluid in the tank to keep your windscreen free from bugs. We recommend adding a proper additive to the water to ensure it cleans well and doesn't leave streaks on your windscreen.
  7. Windscreen: Make sure your windscreen is clean on both the outside and the inside. It may look clean but invisible hand prints and other greasy marks will make sunstrike much worse.


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